Grooming Services

We cover all of your dog’s needs.

Currently Accepting New Clients

Dogs must be 30lbs or less at adult size and be kept on a regular schedule of 2, 4, or 6 weeks.

Clients Who can Benefit from
Private Grooming

  • Clients who do not want to have their dogs spend hours at a salon.
  • Clients whose dogs are nervous or fearful for grooming.
  • Clients whose dogs do not appreciate all the commotion of a high volume salon.
  • Clients who do not want their dog crated.
  • Clients who want a thorough and personalized experience for their dog.
  • Clients who want a groomer willing to work with their dog and their difficulties.


Pricing Information

I groom an extremely limited number of dogs per day (3-4), as private grooming is an exclusive and luxury service. I tend to each dog based upon their physical and emotional needs and take my time for their comfort. Prices are hourly to reflect the amount of time required for service to be completed.

Factors include:

  • The size of your dog. Larger dogs usually require more time to groom. As well as dogs with more coat.
  • The condition of your dog’s coat. All price quotes given are based upon your dog being groomed within the last 4 weeks/well maintained. Should there be extra brushing or dematting, it will require more time.
  • Your dog’s coat type. Certain types of coats are more difficult to work with. Curly coats require more time to fluff, and doodle or combination coats are fairly difficult to work with as well, also requiring more time.
  • The age and health of your dog. Grooming is very physically demanding, especially for older dogs or dogs with health conditions like arthritis. Breaks may be required to keep your dog comfortable during the grooming process.
  • Your dog’s behavior. Puppies or dogs new to the grooming process need more time to get properly acclimated and have a positive association with grooming. Nervous, anxious, or overly excited dogs require more time to groom. Making sure they are comfortable, safe, and have a positive experience are of high priorities, so if they need more time, we will give them more time.